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Membership requirements for the Southern Tier Junior Bassmasters are quite simple: Any boy or girl, age 18 and younger, is welcome to join. No experience required! All you need is a love for the sport of fishing and a desire to learn. You don't need a boat, nor parents who like to fish or are a member of the parent club. If this is something that you think you might be interested in, E-mail us for more information. Or, better yet, bring your parents to one of the junior meetings. Check out Club News for the next meeting location, date and time. - See you there -
To become a member a boy or girl must:
  • Show a genuine desire to become a member.
  • Complete a membership application.
  • Submit the application with the annual $25 membership fee.

Membership applications may be submitted, in person, to any junior or senior member, or mailed to:

Southern Tier Bassmasters
P.O. Box 678
Portville, New York 14770-0678


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March 27, 2017

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Meetings are the
2nd Wednesday in
Jan., Mar., Apr., May,
Jun., Sep., Nov., Dec.
Perkins Restaurant
in Olean, NY

Everyone is welcome to attend!