1. All competitors are expected to follow the highest standards of Sportsmanship, Courtesy, Safety, and Conservation. Any infraction of these principles may be cause for disqualification. NO POINTS WILL BE AWARDED FOR ANY DISQUALIFICATION.
  2. Only artificial lures may be used (pork baits are O.K.) and trolling is not allowed.
  3. Only largemouth and smallmouth bass will be weighed.  In a draw event, no angler may be in possession of more than a legal limit of bass.  Culling must take place immediately after catching the next bass over that legal limit, and all must be at least 12" in length (measured closed mouth and tail fanned). A penalty of one pound plus loss of fish will be assessed for each short fish.
  4. All boats must have a suitable aerated container to keep a tournament limit of bass alive. A four ounce penalty will be deducted for each dead fish weighed. Culling of dead fish is not allowed.
  5. Transporting fish through a lock or other barrier is not allowed.
  6. There will be an Official Checkpoint for boat check and check-in for every tournament. Contestants must leave and return to it by boat, and contestants must remain in the boat during tournament hours except for emergency situations.
  7. Every boat must be checked for adherence to the rules before you fish.
  8. A one pound penalty will be assessed for each minute you are late to check-in, loss of that day's catch after fifteen (15) minutes late. Neither contestant in a boat, stopping to help another contestant, will be penalized for being late to the check-in. All fishing ceases upon check-in.
  9. Each contestant may use only one rod at a time.
  10. There will be no fishing within 25 yards of: another tournament boat that is at anchor; an active marina gas pump; or the Official Checkpoint.
  11. In all draw tournaments, each contestant has the right to fish his/her selected waters for 50% of the tournament hours, including travel time. Operation of the combustion engine and/or trolling motor is at the discretion of the boat owner.
  12. Cutting ahead of another competitor fishing a shoreline will not be tolerated (see rule #1).
  13. All contestants must have a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device in the boat at all times and it must be worn and securely fastened whenever the combustion motor is running. The use of a "kill" switch is mandatory whenever the boat is so equipped.
  14. Anyone caught adding to or altering a fish in any manner will be disqualified.
  15. No drugs and/or alcohol shall be consumed or allowed in the boat during tournament hours. Being "under the influence" is prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  16. In case of a tie, cash prizes will be combined and split. Coin toss determines plaques.
  17. The Tournament Director's decision is final at the event. A formal written appeal must be filed with the Tournament Director within 10 minutes of his final decision. Any and all complaints against another contestant must be filed before the end of the weigh-in. No complaints will be heard or acted upon thereafter.
  18. The weigh-in will begin approximately 15 minutes after tournament hours. You are expected to check in. Call or tell another contestant if you cannot make the weigh-in or expect to be more than one-half hour late. Failure to notify the Tournament Director by some appropriate means will be cause for disqualification.
  19. Every contestant is responsible for his/her own insurance coverage.
  20. The non-boater is expected to offer a minimum of $20.00 to the boater at each tournament to help with expenses.

This page was last updated on: July 6, 2012