Carey tops field in Erie opener

Niagara Falls, NY -

What turned out to be a beautiful day, the contestants had the luxury of running out to the lake or staying in the river. It was the first STBM points tournament of the year. It looked to be about half went to the lake and half stayed in the river.

Coming out on top was John Carey with 16.34 lbs and $198.00 for his efforts and the important points lead for AOY. Second was Wade McClurg with 15.22 lbs and $121.00. Third was Bob Elliott 14.80 and 71.50 and rounding out the top four was Roy Campbell with 14.05 and lunker of the day 4.09 lbs and total winnings of $139.50.
STBM next tournament will be at Conesus lake for our first open. Hope to see you all there.

Bob Elliott