Non–Boaters Rule the Day!

Fishing as a non-boater in a draw tournament is not an easy thing to do, much less be successful doing it. But on this day, June 27, 2009 three out of the top 5 finishers in the Southern Tier Bassmasters opening point’s tournament on Honeoye Lake went to non-boaters.

Winning the tournament with a weight of 11.81 pounds (the limit also contained the lunker a 4.96 pound largemouth) was Bobby Elliott Jr. His winnings totaled $460.50. Second place, also a non – boater, went to Ryan Samland with a limit weighing 9.15 pounds. It should be noted that this young man was also on crutches with a recently

broken ankle.

The boaters finally scored with a third place when Mark Bonk weighed in a limit at 8.63 pounds. Bob Elliott Sr. took 4th place with a weight of 8.23 pounds.

In all 30 anglers brought 127 live bass to the scales and 127 live bass went back to the lake to fight another day

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by Bob Green