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CastingKids is open to kids 7-14 years old. If you start when you are young, you can participate in several contests. This way, by the time you are 14, you'll have lots of experience in casting, pitching and flipping in competitions. Even more exciting, each year you'll get better at handling a rod and reel and be able to put your lure in front of those bass every time you cast! Here are instructions on how to cast, pitch and flip your way to a CastingKids first-place trophy.







To cast overhead at a target 30 feet away, begin with the rod straight up in 12 o'clock position. Keep your casting elbow bent. Then snap the rod back with your casting wrist to about 10 o'clock. Keep your eye on the target. Snap the rod toward you with your casting wrist, begin to unbend your elbow and release the line when the rod is in the 1 to 2 o'clock position. If you release too soon the lure will go up in the air without going to the target. But if you release too late the lure will fall short.

To pitch at a Target 20 feet away, first let out about as much line as the rod is long. Hold the casting plug in your free hand. Lower the rod and then snap it up. Let go of the plug as you do and disengage the line at the reel so the plug can pul out. Teach yourself just how fast to raise the rod tip at the beginning of the pitch so the plug lands exactly on the target without going past it. With practice, you will be able to control the force of your pitchcact so the plug will land on the target every time!

To Flip at a target 10 feet away, let out enough line to reach the target and then raise the rod to swing the casting plug toward you. After the plug comes back almost to the rod, lower the rod and let the plug swing toward the target. Bring your hand holding the line out to your side as shown. The rod tip should be about level, or slightly lower, as the plug is moving away. As the plug moves toward the front of the rod, start raising the rod and let the plug pull line from your free hand, as you move that hand back toward the rod. Don't let go of the line, though. Lower the rod as the plug heads for the target. If you have enough line out to begin with, and the rod is pointed at the target, the plug should land on it. If not, keep trying.

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